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Autor komentarza: Yvonne
Dodany: 2015-12-14 20:57:59
Thanks for your thoughts, Jell. They are cenaitrly true and well thought-out, and I agree.I think for me, though, the deletion of certain foods as a guideline for following a certain diet, like Paleo or Vegan, actually makes it easier to follow. You can say eat balanced all you want but that doesn't mean a thing when there's no guidelines for how. People eat until they're full, it's just a function of our nature. Currently I eat until I'm full and I have no guidelines about what I'm eating, so I'm gaining weight. When I go on a lower calorie diet, I feel hungry and deprived. That's not to say a low calorie diet doesn't work, it cenaitrly does but not for long, because the feeling of deprivation often pulls us out of it at some point. But, if we cut out all of the garbage in our diets and get back to the simple natural stuff we are supposed to be eating (paleo and Vegan both more or less support that), then we can eat until we are full, feel indulged, and still maintain or reach a healthy weight. And that's what I'm going by in this post.
Autor komentarza: Rosalinda
Dodany: 2012-02-11 00:19:36
Me temo que no estoy clneoetampmte de acuerdo :oops: El test no ha demostrado ser fiable, sino ser muy sensible. Pero, como todo el mundo sabe, mayor sensibilidad se asocia a mayor tasa de falsos positivos (es lo que pasa, por ejemplo con el ELISA para VIH). Por lo tanto, hasta que se pueda comprobar también su especificidad, su validez diagnóstica no está del todo clara.Un saludo.


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